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Because you must say "N-word" if you are whitey. If you're black you can nigga this, nigger that all day long.

But whitey can't say that word. Except at home late at night, with the curtains closed.

Then you can turn the TV to BET and yell "Nigger! Nigger !Nigger! Nigger! Nigger! Nigger! Nigger!" at the screen until you are exhausted.

So stupid.

If niggers really wanted whites to stop saying nigger then they would just ignore them when they said it.

Because where's the fun in saying nigger if nobody gives a shit?

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I thought the point of them saying it so freely was to take the power out of the word, to reduce it to a triviality that can't hurt anyone.

It's the same concept with trolling, where people do or say specific things in order to get a reaction, and that reaction is their source of entertainment. Don't react or take the bait and you deprive the troll of his power; don't get offended over a word and you disarm those seeking to offend.

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Exactly, telling people they can’t say a word because it’s offensive is literally giving it power.

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what a time to live in when grown adults are frightened of made up words. FUCKING. STUPID. NIGGERS.

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Then you can turn the TV to BET and yell "Nigger! Nigger !Nigger! Nigger! Nigger! Nigger! Nigger!" at the screen until you are exhausted. So stupid.

Come on, man. That sounds like a great way to spend a weekend!

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I make it a point to say nigger in front of niggers. So far, no big deal. A group of niggers once tried to beat me up but nothing happened in the end. Another, I was just told peacefully that it's not a world that should be said and I respected the nigger's wishes. The biggest reaction I have ever gotten was from white people, they just go crazy. I do live in Canada and they are pretty much all brainwashed useful idiot liberals.

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In places where each party is more likely to be armed, and they have no hope of legal recourse for "hate speech," and there is a militant sense of entitlement constantly churned up by celebrated media personalities, then our calculations are different. Especally when you're the only thing on the bus lighter than a coal pile.

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The lyrics are so profound.

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Lol holy shit. This is great. I wish I had someone in my phone that deserved this as a ring tone...wait... lol no I don't.

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Someone need to post on his twitter that he can come here to Voat and assay nigger all he wants!

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If he wasn't racist before, I bet he is now.

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I think we need an official rubric for exactly who can say nigger. We can let the Democrats write it. Then we can beat them to death with it.

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I am out of the loop. Did Cowel say nigger?

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Papa John said that back in the day Colonel Sanders could casually say nigger and no one cared. That comment alone was enough for people to force him to step down. He didn't even 'say' the word, in context.

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I'm also out but I do know that it's Papa John from another thread.