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And again, Babylon Bee delivers an article that, while technically fiction, is disturbingly close enough to the truth to be plausible.

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We watched The Onion turn from satire into real news; Babylon Bee is close behind. It's a challenging arms race trying to keep fresh satire steps ahead of actual liberal policy.

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The Onion was way ahead of its time. It was, what, a decade before Onion articles became reality (I hope)?

B.B. is taking a hodgepodge of recent and current ideas and mashing them together all in one article. It's not a stretch at all to think that there's some article out there somewhere, while not precisely stating these things, presenting these ideas.

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Lol they were actually discussing this on the local news this morning, it's a TV at work that's on in the brake room BTW.

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(Knee jerk reaction kicks in. About to go into a rant. Notices the link.)

Babylon Bee. AWW Dammit! You got me good!

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That's the scary thing. With the crazy left, you just can't tell sometimes between truth and satire.

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Yes a quadrapaligic black dyke could saved them by writting a blog just as good.

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Sad that I didn't hesitate to think this was true, until I saw that it was the Babylon Bee.

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@alopix you did this. You and your horde of betas whining and validating feminist's perspectives. You're never getting a girlfriend and you sure as fuck aren't getting one with guilt tripping and sad stories so just stop talking about women or people to people interactions online

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Are Thailand's special forces actually called navy SEALs?

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As a seal-kin I am literally shaking !

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Has anyone ever explained why these caves were open during the monsoon, knowing they could flood? Just wondering. Or was it a freak monsoon flood no one expected?

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The rains were two weeks early.

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And the pumps were not powered by solar power, or wind turbines. Triggered!

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