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I've had good friends who leaned Left, but we either didn't talk about it or we'd respect each other's differences. Then one day you come across a subject that is on the Lefty taboo list. You hold a different opinion on one of these subjects and all of a sudden you are a persona non grata.

When I was younger, it sort of bothered me. I felt something which made someone else feel bad! Now I realize how ridiculous it is to feel guilty about this. The last time this happened, I didn't back down. The Lefties, who I considered best friends, gave me the shunned routine for a few weeks, expecting me to feel guilty and apologize for my opinion and the facts. Instead I double reverse shunned them. Who needs those fuckers? Next thing you know, they come back and contact me. They act sheepish and guilty around me. That's right, you fuckers, you jeopardized a great friendship with your "tolerance" and made me see what you really are. Fuck 'em

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Had been in this situation multiple times. Actually, right now, i have a retarded "bisexual boyish female" talking about me behind my back to friends (a brother just informed me).

I say fuck them. They need us, not vice versa. We are the energetic ones. I am the person organizing trips, contacting others to go out, suggesting places we could go, suggesting vacation plans that we can all afford, etc. Let them ostracize me. I will find more like them, they will never find and keep someone like me.

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I've had incredibly sad, similar situations, and lost some really good friends. They never came back to even say "hey" even when their side was thoroughly destroyed, and both the left, right, and middle had acknowledged it as so.

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Out of curiosity, what was the unforgivable opinion?

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I thought the US was right to invade Iraq. I was enraged about 9/11, so that was my opinion. Now I am not so sure, actually, but the Lefties didn't give a fuck. I supported the Republican President, and that was bad.

Another involved the number of people who were killed in WWII, and the facts surrounding that

Also another was that there is no proof that people are born gay. 100% of gays I've met have had some sort of molestation, mommy/daddy issues.

Other Lefty taboos that have gotten me the cold shoulder include thoughts on "Climate Change", and... Ah fuck, just about anything. Universal basic income, Bill's wife being a crook, etc. Fuck, I'm realizing what mollycoddled children I'm dealing with. Never apologize for facts!

Interestingly, never ran into anyone that questions my stats on Blacks. Everyone knows the truth about this

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Good practice, freedom of association. Lack of tolerance is finding those who do not agree with you, and hit them over the head in an attempt to kill them, or to send them to the Gulag

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This is a great meme. It's absolutely fucking true about Millennials today. They're just a bunch of spoiled cunts who want everyone to agree with them and don't want to listen to anyone trying to be honest or straight with them. Women are among the worst.

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It's disgustingly true. There are plenty of ignorant fools in this world of all ages.

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Keep in mind it was the boomers who started this shit. Not the millennials.

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Bitch, are you retarded?

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No way these sjws are that self aware.

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That's my mother.

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Tolerance, in the Western world, means, and has meant, shut up when I rip up your environment and culture for profit. I'm warning you in advance to shut up about it because you'll Ruin my high