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You wanted a police state where only cops have guns, you have a police state. Laugh my ass off when the girl screams like it's bloody murder, yet no one dies. Only in America can we have this level of stupid. Also read the warning labels on your hair dyer so you don't get killed by the obvious.

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Was hoping they'd shoot a pepper ball in her mouth as she yelled FUCK YOU.

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Bwhahahahaha!!! That was amazing! That kid that took off in cuffs is going to get the book thrown at him, i hope he gets locked up for his little stunt.

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Absolutely- judges hate when you show that level of disdain, as do the cops themselves; they'd probably tack on reckless endangerment type charges, additional assault charges, and all kinds of other shit.

If they had not resisted at all, they might get a little fine or probation with just a disturbing of the peace charge.

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Feels good, man. I love that way the cop just oprns up with these nlw bullets. And ill be hearing those screams in my dreams tonight. Wonderful dreams.

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It's part of what's best in life - to hear the lamentations of their women.

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God, listening to that stupid bitch screaming through the whole thing made me want to shoot her. These guys have great restraint.

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Once those fucking hippy protesters were given a whiff of the grape, all anti-war protests ended in 1970. You can't reason with radicals; they only understand the strength of force and power. Portland police need to start using lethal weapons.

(Nixon was working with the Chinese to end the Vietnam War. He did. The fucking leftist scumbags still condemn one of our greatest Presidents to this day. You can't reason with communists. You have to kill communists)

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All of the JewTube comments are red-pilled. The people are fed up folks . . .

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True, but just remember right wingers are probably more likely to watch that video.

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I want one of those paintball guns. Anyone know what model they're using?

Edit: looks like a Tippmann a5 with either a forward mounted CO2 bottle, or, in some of the videos I've seen so far, a horizontally oriented expansion chamber and a back or waist mounted CO2 bottle.

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Aye. I want one too, plus all those fun and creative ammo. Firing off some pepper or nausea inducing balls into a person/crowd must be very enjoyable.

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It's either a Tippmann A-5 or an X-7. They are very similar, easily upgradable, very reliable markers. As a civ you can buy the pepper balls but they are fucking pricey.

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I thought those might be Tippmanns. I had a Spyder about 20 years ago. That thing was an absolute blast.

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screw that, get a BB gun $47 bucks. hurts like fuck. full auto will stop anyone from coming at you. Crosman M4-177 Multi-Pump Air Rifle, Adj. Stock https://amzn dot to/2LbXhA2

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Good God. I'd expect a mental hospital that ran out of medication to look and soundike that.

Tbey're so bizarrely foul they're going to bring about a resurgence of good manners in response the disgust they invoke.

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