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The fact that this exists is an absurdity. Let me point out the absurdities.

A Muslim claiming to be an American.

A Muslim woman talking about women's rights.

Mentioning hypocrisy.

Mentioning having an agenda.

We live in a Talmudic clown world.

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You forgot trying to silence (free) women (speaking of the atrocities commited against [actually oppressed] women) in the name of (free) women.

Ive lost my train of thought but there’s a point somewhere in there.

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All the worlds a stage

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She reminds me of emma goldman who was one of the first communist anarchists is the US and actually planned and carried out terrorism act against heads of state including planning the assassination of a sitting president. The only difference is this idiot is islamic and emma goldman was jewish communist from russia.

Just goes to show, jews and islams are the same violent race hating people.

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Islam uses a bunch of idiots to confront you directly and only leftist isn't capable of identifying the threat.

Jews sneak around and lie and pretend to be white people while colluding together to Jew everything.

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It's almost like women in America have all of the rights they should have already....

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Stop mansplaining you bigot. Until women have the right to tell manspreaders on public transportation to close their legs, they are still just as oppressed as the women of Saudi Arabia and Iran

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But right after manspreading is dealt with they will be happy and easy going and definitely not just glom onto the next adjacent stupid thing to be dramaqueen martyrs about.

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Stop Femdescending to me!!!

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We are in the shit situation because women have rights. Islam and Judaism are deeply patriarchal. Patriarchy creates, feminism destroys. 1st step to destroying a culture is to give women rights and push feminism. Women would rather see their races complete destruction than give up their rights. Then the strong participial societies conquer.

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Islam and Judaism and Christianity and Buddhism and Shintoism and Paganism and bla bla bla are 100% right when it comes to "Gender is not a fucking spectrum." At least all religions and all traditions aren't encouraging men to cut their own dick and compete in women's sports. Even the satanists weren't encouraging such behavior, let that sink in.

If we get rid of libtards that would definitely solve some problems. There is no problem greater than the danger of libtardation where we are injecting hormones and ruining children's future for the sake of political correctness. "Western progressive" movement is a crime against humanity and needs to be stopped at any cost. It's not about religion or whatever, it's about fucking human biology and common sense.

Bring back patriarchy, giving women power is a mistake because they think with their "feels" instead of their brain.

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Has she been beaten yet for walking in front of men?

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Clearly, we need to conquer sexist air conditioning before we have any place commenting on countries where a rape victim is forced to either marry her attacker or be murdered. Pound me too.

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Amen sister!

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As a woman I must ask, what more do you crazy broads want?

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In this moment she's an honorary Jew.

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Ahhhh you do know the difference between Arabs and Jews? Jews hate Arabs and Arabs hate Jews. On top of all that she's Muslim. Thus the Irony.

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But the tactics. The subversion. The guilt focus. Oy vey!

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She's a globalist.

Globalist don't give a fuck about anything else except money.

How much money do you think go into her account for her to promote feminazism?

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what rights to american women lack exactly?

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The right to be oppressed by Islam.

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The right to be gangraped by shitskins during prepuberty era for the sake of political correctness, just like European women.

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As an American woman I have no clue. Sometimes I believe we have more.

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Wow, she went full retard.

NEVER go full retard.

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