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Memes just get better every year.

Pretty soon videos and memes and everything will be such great variety and high quality, that the traditional media will have to compete on actual entertainment or usefulness value, rather than wasting time abusing their position, or die.

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When memes tell the story better and more accurately than the Media... Sick Sad World.

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You got me there. That was fantastic. There were some seriously inspired ones around the election.


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Europe is so cucked it wouldn't surprise me to hear women spontaneously became pregnant when President Trump walked within 100 yards. I don't know how many meters that is because I'm not a faggot.

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I only use the metric system to shoot Europeans at long ranges. It's the ultimate irony.

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Oh lord my eyes, my eyes!

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His balls aren't actual human balls- they are the fury, flame, and tempest of two total Jupiters, bro.

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My dog loves things like this. Thanks for sharing.

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Someone has to show them what a man with balls looks like.

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The American Basketball Association stock price is up. Time to buy!

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Is Trump looking for petrol in Europe carring his nuts

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can someone please edit in Merkel face on the ladysand justin tru-turds face as the child

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