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I don't get it, could you please explain what this means.

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The indian reservations. She thinks she has native american in her.

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She thinks she has native american in her.

She knows damn well she don't.

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She's one of those white people who takes great pride in claiming to be 1/54th cherokee or whatever. Including using that claim to take a scholarship intended for minorities in law school and a few other things. Only trouble is: She isn't. Her claim rests on some family rumour that her great great grandmother was an indian, but the only data anyone can find suggests that she was white, and her husband was some kind of deputy who's job it was to round up stray indians and bring them back to the reservation (hence the meme).

This could have been a non story years ago if she had dropped it and apologised for the error, instead she persists with the claim and has turned into a kind of lolcow as a result.

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Funny thing is no white person claims to be 1/54 nigger.

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Lol, she will get eviscerated if she runs

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IDK That is what you say when Niggers want to come in. Not because their money is no good, ya It mite be stolen but I was talking about the smell. Last thing I want to smell before I sit down to eat is nigger (smells worse than wet dog) and the last thing I want to see before I eat is well Nigger(s)

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John cena

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Finally a non-shitty punchline.