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They are a bunch of little nazis. I like how social media puts all this focus on a handful of 'tide pod eaters' and 'condum snorters' to slander the whole generation. Totally ignoring that Pewdiepie red pilled like 50 million+, who are influencing their friends, uh, they've seen me....Shut it down!!

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actually the tide pod eaters and condomn snorters are adult millenial college grads and their boomer grandparents its up to gen x ers and gen z's along with the exceptions out of the other groups

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Lisa always the liberal

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Bart really has lost most of his edge ever since they basically stopped having him fight with Lisa.

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Bart lost his Edge when the Jews took over the show

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"Who woke the baby!!?"

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I've been rewatching the first few series' lately, it starts turning to shit as soon as that character gets its first main story, coincidence that she's liberal?!

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Matt Groening really went some surprisingly places considering he came out of Evergreen State. Clearly it must have been a lot less of a liberal shithole at the time