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The communism one shows too much variety in clothing.

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And too many people surviving

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That's the train station set for the Eastern front of Stalingrad. The Commissarant was just being cleaver with the bread sign.

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Yea not nearly enough addidas.

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I heard you could help fund a trip to Soviet Russia with some jeans from a thrift store. Just sell'em when you get there for more than you paid for them.

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forgot to make the westerners fat, and the communists starving thin.

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Your example of Capitalism is one where big Government exists.
One where we are born into slavery as tax livestock.

One might say, That's Not True Capitalism.

Edit: The Family is just Socialism on a small scale, it works because of Human's innate In-Group Preference, it is a small group of very closely related people where one or two of the members are willing to pull more than their fair share of the workload for the benefit of the group.

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Capitalism is slavery. Not big goverment

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If government did not exist, it would be necessary to create it. A company employing it's own security force, it's own police force, and building the infrastructure it needs ends up looking a whole lot like a government. Some even issued their own currency back in the days of company towns.

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One might say, That's Not True Capitalism.

This only leads to arguing over definitions and "no true scotsman". It's much easier to speak of a "free market" instead of "true capitalism".

I think of capitalism as a manipulative and mocking term for "free market" anyway. Imagine if we would say "wordism" instead of "free speech". But instead we now refer to "free speech" as "hate speech".

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I'm pretty sure the ones in the bread line would be wearing USA shirts and Levi's jeans if they were allowed.

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What's funny is the Russian cccp used thos symbols yet they all hate on Russia.