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You forget that we're also white gun culture. We're the most deadly culture to ever live, but ironically we're the most peaceful. You can take a handful of our best and destroy 'them' by the thousands. If the niggers go Cat 3+ Chimpout they'll meet sheets of lead that will end them.

We'll fight all the way down to the kids and the kids will be fucking annoyingly effective. Face it, we're the apex predators of the apex predator species on this planet.

Stop being so pussied out. Stop letting them in your head and living rent free. Go clear out the pipes, work out and get your fucking gun culture on. Church would be good for most of you fuckers if the jews didn't turn you sour on it. Meet others there.

Here comes the 'christ cuck' troll jew faggots I'm sure. It's not only whites they want to destroy, it's Christians that they want to destroy big time. That should clue you the fuck in by now, but for those that are slow, that means something is up that the people that run this wicked world need to kill Christians to get their uber jollies. You've got to appreciate at least fucking that up for them, right? How about this, try to watch dog the Christians if you can, protect the cunts until they can get red pilled. The God I know will take a shining to that and sort you out proper if you stop being retarded and get with the program.

There's my Sunday sermon, pass the plate I need more free shit.


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it's Christians that they want to destroy big time.

Jews invented Christianity to pacify Europeans. That's why the new testament is teaching you to be a pathological altruist cuck. Forgive those who wrong you? Yeah, like those German cuck who forgive their daughter's gangrapists. Fucking cowards.

Even the bible is pretty clear with the brainwashing message, that Israel is the chosen tribe yada yada and you non-Israeli chose to listen to this God?

If Europeans were still Pagans who don't think twice about expelling foreign tribes we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. You forsake your own gods like Odin/Wotan and now you're paying the price.

I don't understand why Europeans forget about their own Gods and chose to worship foreign God instead, has this middle eastern God prove their existence to you? Or did you get brainwashed but not realizing it? Pagans went to war with the blessing of the old gods and prosper before christianity was born.

When will these christian cucks wake up? Jews tell you that usury is wrong yet they do it themselves to enrich themselves and christians let them do whatever they want because the so called God tells you to love one another right?

Jews do not want to destroy Christians, Christianity is their tool to pacify foreign tribes. Jews want to subjugate foreign tribes.


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I'm too occupied with the desire to cut your tongue out for saying 'christian cucks' to offer up a retort. One day, you'll be lipping off and run into one of my kind, it's not going to end well for you.