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What would they prefer to hear instead?

Maybe "Fuck you nigger, get out of my way"?

There is no pleasing these fucking people. It's always been the case that with ghetto blacks kindness and courtesy are perceived as weakness. You show anything that could be interpreted as submission or weakness to these fuckers and they will attack you.

And now we have created a situation where non-ghetto blacks are behaving the same way. Kindness is weakness and induces contempt and the impulse to attack.

What's to be done?

Get smart and just stay away from them as much as you can. The rest of the time follow John Wayne's advice. Talk low, talk slow,and don't say too much.

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Nice rhyme


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Actually, yes, then it would affirm the "America is racist" meme, that their situation is due to an outside force holding them back and not their own fault, and they would have someone to rightfully lash out against... even if the person is 92 and there is a small mob of you.


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"Why you so quiet muthufucka?"

"HUH ?!!"


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Dis de part where you need you dat ole concealed carry permit jes in case you gots to use it.


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bein quiet be racist and sheeeit