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What would they prefer to hear instead?

Maybe "Fuck you nigger, get out of my way"?

There is no pleasing these fucking people. It's always been the case that with ghetto blacks kindness and courtesy are perceived as weakness. You show anything that could be interpreted as submission or weakness to these fuckers and they will attack you.

And now we have created a situation where non-ghetto blacks are behaving the same way. Kindness is weakness and induces contempt and the impulse to attack.

What's to be done?

Get smart and just stay away from them as much as you can. The rest of the time follow John Wayne's advice. Talk low, talk slow,and don't say too much.

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Nice rhyme

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Actually, yes, then it would affirm the "America is racist" meme, that their situation is due to an outside force holding them back and not their own fault, and they would have someone to rightfully lash out against... even if the person is 92 and there is a small mob of you.

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"Why you so quiet muthufucka?"

"HUH ?!!"

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Dis de part where you need you dat ole concealed carry permit jes in case you gots to use it.

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bein quiet be racist and sheeeit

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Does anyone give one fuck about what Tyrone Nigger thinks ? I'm not around niggers much at all, I don't frequent places where niggers shop or are even around so it makes not one bit of difference what this obviously racist nigger POS says or thinks. I certainly wouldn't tell a nigger good morning or even goodbye. The only thing most of these niggers are doing is looking for some way to fuck whitey, trolling for coal burners or looking for a handout and not much else. Avoid the groid.

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Don't think they can't hurt you. It still matters because there are so many of them. They can win through sheer numbers and social pressure or outright violence.

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You forget that we're also white gun culture. We're the most deadly culture to ever live, but ironically we're the most peaceful. You can take a handful of our best and destroy 'them' by the thousands. If the niggers go Cat 3+ Chimpout they'll meet sheets of lead that will end them.

We'll fight all the way down to the kids and the kids will be fucking annoyingly effective. Face it, we're the apex predators of the apex predator species on this planet.

Stop being so pussied out. Stop letting them in your head and living rent free. Go clear out the pipes, work out and get your fucking gun culture on. Church would be good for most of you fuckers if the jews didn't turn you sour on it. Meet others there.

Here comes the 'christ cuck' troll jew faggots I'm sure. It's not only whites they want to destroy, it's Christians that they want to destroy big time. That should clue you the fuck in by now, but for those that are slow, that means something is up that the people that run this wicked world need to kill Christians to get their uber jollies. You've got to appreciate at least fucking that up for them, right? How about this, try to watch dog the Christians if you can, protect the cunts until they can get red pilled. The God I know will take a shining to that and sort you out proper if you stop being retarded and get with the program.

There's my Sunday sermon, pass the plate I need more free shit.

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I'm from the north Midwest and that is one thing I love about the south. At a fast food joint or anywhere really, if you pass by someone they not only say hi but they exchange a 30 second conversation about how your day is or what not. In an age where everyone has there nose to their phones, it's nice to go somewhere where there is dialogue among passerby's.

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That happens sometimes in Ontario too but you have to leave big city.Out in the boonies folks will engage you in polite,idle chit-chat for no reason at all.Makes morning coffee in Timmy's taste so much better.

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It's called being social, and a sign of a healthy community.

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I've been getting hard, hateful looks lately from Africans. Must be from these memes? I'm polite and courteous, because I'm a better human being. The hate has increased a lot this year. They don't live near me, of course; I run into them in the city. One African clerk at my pharmacy just stared daggers at me. So much hate. I smiled, "Have a Blessed day!" which seemed to anger her more. Hate me all you want, you'll always be an angry African and I'll always not be . . .

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Lately I've also noticed an increase in passive-aggressive, if not openly hostile behavior. Openly hateful. White minorityship will be very ugly for everyone.

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It's also a way to put fuckheads on alert that you see them and are paying attention to them.

Niggers want you to walk by staring at your feet because it makes you an easy target should they decide to chimpout.

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So essentially, being white is racist.

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It's ok to be racist.

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Can confirm. Am racist.

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I insist on it!

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All whites are racists, as you should know by now. Only kikes, niggers and muslims can't - by definition - be racists.

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More like, only straight white men are racist and evil.

The left loves white men who doesnt breed (fags) and women who burn the coal. So it's not "fuck all whites", but "fuck all whites who will leave a progeny."

They are not trying to kill off all whites today, they just want whites to stop breeding and create white children. Their view of utopia is "everybody has shitskin."

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They literally preach this in the education system

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I don't get it. They are mad when we treat them with kindness and respect. Would they prefer it if we called them niggers again?

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I've stopped saying "good morning" a while ago and have since replaced it with mornin' instead. It's slightly more casual and is more acceptable towards morning grouches. It's also easier for my zombie-state to say.

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I'm a believer in the "Mornin" cause I'm not a morning person, and I like to let people assume the "good" if they want to.

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Agreed, as an ex gas station am shift cashier I would have assholes say "er, what's good about it?!" Whenever I said good morning. So many times I wanted to say "look asshat, just because you hate where your life is going right now doesn't give you an exclusive pass to be a rude asshole to people trying to be nice to you."

Nah, now I just say mornin' and people don't get so triggered by it. Sad really.

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Where I live, a lot of people say "Howdy". I can't quite bring myself to say that, maybe because I'm not a 70-year-old bowlegged bullrider, but I do like the sound of it. I tend towards "how's it going?"

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mornin' is less formal and tends to be perceived more positively be millennials.

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