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And they gave the pilgrims free food, clothes, shelter and even a little extra money. Of course.

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Apple Cider Vinegar is awesome. Make Greek salad dressing with it.

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It really is true. If Native Americans were to keep their land intact, their only response should have been to kill everyone on-sight or send them home. Once said it in an anthropology class and they were kind of shocked, but couldn't argue against it.

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Weird. One would thing an anthropologist is unbiased. It is true, natives should have killed every European on sight. They would have still lost because of their lack of defenses against old world deceases, but at least they would have gone fighting.

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A little extra money? Savage 3rd world degenerates live for free. I see them driving around in $70k escalades and shit

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Fucking savages were mostly roving bands of killers, slaughtering other tribes for their resources and women anyway.

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Europeans were quite horrible people.

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not actually true in most cases

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Did you see a documentary with historical footage from the 18th century? twat. Only agrarian cultures don't live that way, and there were few of them and those that existed were primitive (had not yet moved beyond the need to hunt and gather).

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That is basically what happened in Brazil. The naked native ladies jumped in the ocean to swim up to the ships and fuck their brains out.

Dan Carlin made an episode of Hardcore History about it: https://www.dancarlin.com/product/hardcore-history-32-globalization-unto-death/

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That guy took me a while to get into because he plays up the voice, but that's really what makes him special. He's doing everything he can to make something we take for granted the most entertaining thing you could do right now.

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Don't trust Dan Carlin's shit

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Lol, brown people writing, good one.

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Also, not quite the same since they live high ass lives now and demand, with their money, everything Europeans discovered and invented

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Not many people know, but this is actually what happened. American Indians were standing out on the shore clapping while the pilgrims came in. Then the amerindians used their advanced weaponry technology (built from their industrialized civilizations' factories using America's coal reserves and Alaska's oil reserves) to attack anyone who spoke out against the Europeans coming there.

That's what really happened. People need to wake up

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Stupid natives

When you see foreigners coming with their women and children, you know they are staying long term. Should have tomahawked all them cracka right there