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MAGA Nigger

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Niggers having an extremely low average IQ has nothing to do with "culture".

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Not all niggers are dumb and violent, but most are.

I don't like to discriminate based on race, but I hate affirmative action even more. Let it be merit based and let blacks be underrepresented in things.

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And if one Muslim supports Tommy Robinson you’re going to open the flood gates even wider for them too huh?

Don’t get me wrong. I agree black culture is shit and I get along great with black people most of the time. The biggest issue is the drag it puts on two different races to constantly force them to deal with multi cultural bullshit. Let white people be white and black people go off and be black. “Separate but equal!”

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Make no mistake about it, it IS a race issue!

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Why he's on our side of American sovereignty. I'm not moving to Detroit but black men and white men and, Hispanic men as of late, built these societies. Once black men regain their desire for the nuclear family and stoic responsibility we can rebuild. It's thot syndrome and too many niggas caught up

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holy shit, take the nigger cock out of your mouth you pathetic beta male..

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Black people need to go back to Africa

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They can go be niggers somewhere else. Like where other niggers live.

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That's nice. They can go and play happy families in Africa, not in White nations.

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Saved his hat. That's the important thing.

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Le baste minority

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r/The_Donald is that way!

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Somebody buy that patriot a beer.

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A 40 ounce Colt45

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I was thinking he was more like Mad Dog 20/20.

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40's are very 80s', it's all about the ~24oz can these days among the shitty classes.

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I saw that guy in another video.He's wearing a Metallica "Battery" shirt from the Master of Puppets album tour.

Here he is speaking at the :50 mark https://hooktube.com/watch?v=yadHf5PUz4M

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This dude is why I believe hating a person because of their skin is stupid.

Sure hate the black culture for what it is, low talent noise or stripper pole antics, no class.

That man though plays for our team. He sure has my respect....(I secretly wish it was me that smacked that hippie faggot).

Hate just like love is only skin deep. What is inside the skull is what matters, not the thin veneer covering it.

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Blacks don't have a global culture, and yet globally they are disgusting, lazy, violent and stupid. So it's apparent that differences go beyond skin deep.

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hating a person because of their skin is stupid

Dear God please tell me you are not this fucking retarded. You believe racial difference are something as simple as a superficial color? Did you go to school? Do you know what forensics is? There are thousands of differences among the races and a massive difference between white Europeans and niggers. This is just another Marxist talking point you’re spewing.

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It gets a bit tiresome giving niggers the benefit of the doubt, when 99.9% of the time they turn out to be no good, low IQ parasites.

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The talented 10th is not really worth the risk.

Haven’t you seen the gumball video?

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Video removed

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Muh based nigger

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