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Somebody needs to make a meme out of this, change the picture hes' drawing to a Cylon.

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Even better

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Or a goat.. or an anime girl with lit bombs for tits.

Yes invest in this meme now!

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Bombs for tits. Or preferrably heavily pregnant looking bomb belly.

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I just have always though that the ones that wear the veil with just the slot for the eyes, remind me of Cylon's.

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check my ICO on memecoin

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I'm pretty sure this was already a meme coming to fruition, in fact I would practically guarantee I saw it somewhere once before.

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Are those sneakers halal

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Turns out Nike does a lot of promotion in the middle east. Who'da figured.

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Whoa whoa whoa!!! More veil, less face. Showing that much eye is a sure way to get her beat.

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I'm guessing he has all those drawings because the people said "WTF??? This doesn't look like me, you keep it!"

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No, he's just waiting for the right people to sell them to.

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They're all celebrities.

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I saw her on a mudslime dating site....

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The arabs are almost as ignorant as the blacks.

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Just think of the money you can save on remarriage pictures!!

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I watch the World Cup just to see how many niggers/sandniggers they got on the field. France played Denmark a couple days ago. Each team has 11 on the field. I could only see 3 that were not niggers on the pitch for France. Hell even Denmark had some niggers. Their goalie was a nigger. Anyway, the French team is now an African team.

BTW, World Cup is like watching paint dry. zzz

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