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The first picture hardly signaled a long time keeper anyway.

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Dangerous animals warn off others with bright colors.

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Aposematism, it's a good word to have in your vocab. A subtle insult to the clown mafia.

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True, but sometimes you think at least you'll get a fuck out of it.

Then you see they racemix and your disgust becomes so great they ain't even worth a fuck anymore.

[–] goyphobic 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

Was it the hand tattoos or the medical bracelet?

[–] gazillions 0 points 24 points (+24|-0) ago 

Could have been posing in her underwear for random strangers too. Something seemed a little fuck and go there.

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probably because its a niggerlover

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Shes beaten up

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no offense, but even a short term fling isn't worth it if she has been hanging around blacks

high STD rates, for one. Niglets for another.

could you get excited about her vagina knowing it pushed out that ugly black thing?

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Burning coal = single motherhood and bastard (race mixed mongrel) child you will secretly hate your entire life.

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I personally can't understand why anyone would want a child that looks so different from you.

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Because TV and Faceberg tell me its current year.

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Because jews

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I don't understand it either. My sister has been married my nigger in law for well over twenty years now or so it seems and only four years ago she got pregnant with one of his kids (he raised her white kids, that beloved cuck brother in law of mine). Do not get me wrong... I adore my nephew, but I don't seen any resemblance of me or my sister or any part of my family in him. For fuck sake, he reminds me of fucking Obongo... Her other children? One of the girls looked a lot like me when we were children...

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THAT is the truth I have always felt. Like Heidi Klum. I love Seal, think he is a talented dude - have no issues with him. But WHY THE FUCK would you want to have kids with someone like him, knowing your gorgeous fucking genetics were just pissed all over, and your kids will look like shit?!

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she should be more honest when picking up guys, and she could avoid exchanges like this.

"looking for beta cuck to raise my illegitimate half-breed spawn and buy me stuff". just cut right to it.

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No it's worse. They look for good, upstanding men who will give them the time of day and then conveniently "forget" their birth control. Then, like a good, upstanding man, he marries her for the benefit of his own child and she and her firstborn come along for the ride.

Happened to my cousin. He's a great guy but it wasn't lost on anyone the fact that his blushing bride gave birth 7 months after their courthouse wedding. The family's too polite to say anything, myself included. But it's certainly a cautionary tale.

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That's where I come in. I don't mind being the asshole that makes the room uncomfortable...if it really needs to be said.

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Perfect reply. Nothing more needs to be said and it will dig at her for days on end until she eventually hates herself.

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Last one of these posted here on Voat also came with a news story about 2 weeks later where she drowned her niglet son and hung herself.

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You gotta provide a link for that.

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Fits in with this post https://kek.gg/i/89_ZPh.png

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That was 4chan

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Best post of the year. Can we start a top 20?

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This narcissistic skank will just turn it into "oh, he just doesn't like kids"

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Oh for sure but she’ll still beat herself up over it and it will go exponential the more it happens

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The only appropriate response.

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once a coal burner.. forever a coal burner

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once a coal burner.. forever a coal burner

once you go black.... we dont want you back.

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We're not going to separate families as it's unethical and puts the responsibility of raising the kids on us so when all the niggers get deported their offspring go with them along with the race traitors that birthed their mocha mistakes.

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It's not just the niglet, it's that a nigger dick has been in there. That's a permanently poisonous snaghole now.

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These monkey humpers usually have the life-long sexual diseases like Herpes and vaginal warts

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Most sluts and man whores have some form of HPV like if you have more than a few sex partners, you prob have a strain or two of HPV, whether it shows up or not

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