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How precious

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So I just showed this comment to my three year old son and he said "SIEG HEIL."

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And then Davidbert Dukestein showed up and put a crisp $100% bill into his diapers to show his appreciation.

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Your three year old sounds exceptionally adorable!

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Reminds me of all those liberal parents who had young toddlers who somehow understand the geo politics during the Trump election campaign....

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My transgender, vegan 3 year old heard about Trump and said to me 'Walls only keep love out. Love is what humanity needs right now in these divisive times." Then the whole bus cheered!

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That one was actually funny, laughing pretty hard. Also, when the fuck did society decide to give fucking 3 year olds a voice in anything? Why do we give a shit what a 3 year old has to say about anything?

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That kid's name? Mahatma Gandhi.

Checkmate, Christians. tips fedora

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Liberal babies: "I eat poop out of the cat's box but Mommy says I understand calculus and socioeconomic implications of government policy."

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Is there an archive for these things? I've looked it up, but the keywords are so well worn that a million irrelevant pages pop up around what I'm actually looking for.

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v/thathappened has some of it, and can always use new submissions when you come across similar genius toddlers that $100% did say that.

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Honestly not sure, I would say Twitter, but they have a habit of "archiving" old records into a dumpster and then lighting it on fire

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Then everyone clapped.

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My son's entire nursery school burst into cheers as they lifted him onto their tiny shoulders in admiration of his brilliance.

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It's still in the revision history if anyone wonders.

Of course it has been reverted by now, and the article is protected.

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haha I wouldn't believe anything a jewess has to say.

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You can't. A jew tells 6 million lies before they wake up in the morning.

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Its how they get their energy, or so I've heard.

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People are fucking retards when they say a child is smarter than adults. Anecdote: When I was 16 I tried to runaway. I slept under a bush a couple nights then stole my parents car (mine to use), then drove south, realized I didnt know fuck all and saw myself getting murdered, then reluctantly returned to my parents home.

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She only had to coach him 15 times.

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In case anyone sees this at a later date, here is her protected Twitter acount. https://twitter.com/hinxminx

Please remind her that she shouldn't lie.

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