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They'll go after ISPs and VPNs next. As it will be considered evasion to use non-EU nodes to transmit data that contravenes the new copyright standards.

Memes will survive. They just need to either draw from a collective copyright free pool of images or trace off shitty MS Paint copies of recognizable visual references.

What copyright holders will find is that their once valuable franchises and IPs will become less popular and culturally relevant as the meme-sphere moves more solidly over to original content. If people can't use images from TV Show X to create the next viral meme, then TV Show X is going to be forgotten the instant it goes off it's initial streaming release. And viral memes will just originate from other sources.

Just look at the history of Star Trek. Kept alive by the fanbase and memetic references from later syndication reruns.
If they'd maintained a brutal copyright stranglehold it would have died back in the 60s.


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Well put brotha. Its basically the same as moonshine. Cant ban people doing it in their homes by themselves