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Objective 3: Promote regular migration and mobility, especially of young people and women, between Europe and North, West and Central Africa, and within these regions


AGREE equally to effectively implement, in a balanced way, the Action Plan which is thus adopted by incorporating the following cross-cutting priorities:


  • 3. Increased attention to the fight against xenophobia, racism and discrimination: the partners will undertake efforts to combat these phenomena, and to promote a balanced narrative on migration and diasporas, based on facts and highlighting their positive contribution to the development of societies in countries of origin, transit and destination;


  • 5. An inclusive and multi-stakeholder approach: in their interventions, the partners will seek to involve all the actors under the coordination of the national authorities (regional organisations, local authorities, traditional and customary authorities, representatives of civil society and migrant and refugee communities, social partners, the private sector, the media


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balanced narrative on migration

highlighting their positive contribution

They literally couldn't get through a single paragraph without going full jew.


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Total population as of 2017 is estimated at more than 1.25 billion

The demographics of the European Union show a highly populated, culturally diverse union of 28 member states. As of 1 January 2017, the population of the EU is about 511.5 million people.[1] ( lol, they changed the scale between the two charts to make it look nicer )

Projected population of Europe circa 2030: 0.75 billion (roughly)

Projected population of Africa circa 2030: 1.75 billion (roughly)


What could possibly go wrong?