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Memes are illegal. Reporting on Islamic rape is illegal. Making jokes about Nazis is illegal. Saying that Auschwitz wasn't a death camp, and that the Holocaust is a lie is illegal. Saying negative things on the Internet about blacks, Pakistanis, Arabs, Muslims, and Jews is illegal. Making fun of the police is illegal. Visiting "alt right" sites on the Internet is illegal.

I don't know how you Euros can tolerate this much Orwellian bullshit.

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What is not illegal in the eu?

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Raping kids.

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Being a non-white male. I mean, if you're anything but: you're golden. Otherwise, uh, fuck you.

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Objective 3: Promote regular migration and mobility, especially of young people and women, between Europe and North, West and Central Africa, and within these regions


AGREE equally to effectively implement, in a balanced way, the Action Plan which is thus adopted by incorporating the following cross-cutting priorities:


  • 3. Increased attention to the fight against xenophobia, racism and discrimination: the partners will undertake efforts to combat these phenomena, and to promote a balanced narrative on migration and diasporas, based on facts and highlighting their positive contribution to the development of societies in countries of origin, transit and destination;


  • 5. An inclusive and multi-stakeholder approach: in their interventions, the partners will seek to involve all the actors under the coordination of the national authorities (regional organisations, local authorities, traditional and customary authorities, representatives of civil society and migrant and refugee communities, social partners, the private sector, the media

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balanced narrative on migration

highlighting their positive contribution

They literally couldn't get through a single paragraph without going full jew.

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And in Britain, pornography is illegal.

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This is what TOR and Cryptocurrency was truly invented for.

Darknet markets for memes.

Thank god I download that monthly torrent of dank memes. Holy fuckballs am I going to be the next billionaire once I set up my auction site.

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Danknet market you mean

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Rare Pepe Directory lol, where you have to buy the rights to the meme with crypto before you can legally use it. It's a disaster waiting to happen for the left, who have no ability to meme.

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There will be literal meme warfare in our lifetime gents.

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It began years ago...

Look into DARPA and the origins of gamergate.

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The only way they can really enforce this is on soysites like Twitter and Facebook, like they do with the anti-muz stuff.

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Are the police gonna start a "war on memes?" If so, i'm starting a meme cartel.

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Won't this just force Europeans to use sites hosted in the USA?

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They'll go after ISPs and VPNs next. As it will be considered evasion to use non-EU nodes to transmit data that contravenes the new copyright standards.

Memes will survive. They just need to either draw from a collective copyright free pool of images or trace off shitty MS Paint copies of recognizable visual references.

What copyright holders will find is that their once valuable franchises and IPs will become less popular and culturally relevant as the meme-sphere moves more solidly over to original content. If people can't use images from TV Show X to create the next viral meme, then TV Show X is going to be forgotten the instant it goes off it's initial streaming release. And viral memes will just originate from other sources.

Just look at the history of Star Trek. Kept alive by the fanbase and memetic references from later syndication reruns.
If they'd maintained a brutal copyright stranglehold it would have died back in the 60s.

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Well put brotha. Its basically the same as moonshine. Cant ban people doing it in their homes by themselves

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Yes put me down for a gross, something really perverse politically, one that dumps crud upon the EU self elected thought police. They must be scared if they want to ban fun,

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