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It isn't communist, it is more or less technocratic/meritocracy with emphasis on free choice and democracy. Property wasn't abolished, citizens still had their own homes and the government didn't force people to work jobs they did not want to work. DS9 for example the MC's father had a restaurant on Earth. Some of the later movies TNG MC had a vineyard. Captain Kirk had a ranch as well.

Over various series it can be shown that the economy is more resource based than anything else. Internally people take what they want and give back in a more responsible manner, though there are humans that are outside the federation that live an monetary society. The problem most people see it as an utopia because most of the episodes are aboard a military vessel, not civilian life. Even the military aspect is 100% voluntary. Though there was some question about conscripts defending colonies in disputed territories, but it wasn't exactly clear.

In the Star Trek Universe the non producers of society most likely all died off in WW3, Africa for example that relied on foreign aid was most likely wiped out, major US/EU/Asian cities could not support themselves and massive deaths occurred, I read something like a city like New York would die/collapse in 2-3 weeks without any food delivered. The amount of lore was left up to interpretation but one can agree with the major superpowers collapsed, import countries would perish.

There is a lot more lore and information to go over-not going to get into this shit right now. I would say it is definitely socialist, but merit/tech with resources based society as a whole for the federation.

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When trying to analyze Star Trek it's best to remember that it was Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future. Roddenberry was born in 1920 and was a typical born-and-raised-in-L.A. guy who liked to party but was otherwise pretty normal until he ended up going full-hippie in his 30'-40's. He became the kind of L.A. douche who rejected organized religion while calling himself "spiritual" instead, and who rejected politics while calling himself "a humanist" instead. He was greedy and selfish, he was a rampant womanizer, and he used all kinds of drugs throughout his life.

The canon of Star Trek will never delves into the political, sociological, and historical stuff, because Roddenberry never thought about it any deeper than "I think this what I think future society should look like." It is strongly implied that the human society in Star Trek is the culmination of the natural evolution of any civilized society, because they meet so many other races that evolved to have a similar society. They even form a political union with the other races who have evolved civilized societies.

It is fun to speculate whether they killed all the useless people in ww3, or that there must have been a revolutionary communist society that exterminated all counterrevolutionaries, rigidly indoctrinated all people with rightthink and policed free expression of non-accepted ideas that the star trek universe is the utopian product of brutal communist policies that basically altered the gene pool to remove nonconformist tendencies.

Really though it's just a hippie's fantasy world. They won't ever change that because the way it is now allows the modern leftists that control the i.p. to use it star trek as an avenue to create propaganda to push their beliefs regarding whatever contemporary hot-button political issue comes up. Look for them to create more future star trek plotlines that normalize trannies and pedophilia.

Edit: Actually they already kind of had some of those with the characters Dax in DS9 and Kes in Voyager

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i hope so kek

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Also: There are space jews, and they're the only ones who seem to have money.

EL OH Fucking EL. I laughed at that one. You're absolutely correct. The Ferengi. HA HA HA HA HA. And they don't change at all from the real thing.

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Ferengi's werent the only space jews, they just represented one type of jew. It was the most obvious though because they were such a blatant depiction of conservative capitalistic jews.

The bajorans were jews too, they were the "muh holocaust" victim jews who noble, religious, and made a living as humble artists crfaftsmen and farmers. Jewish viewers are supposed to identify with bajorans.

Cardassians were also jews, they were the zionists. The show tries to hide this by setting the cardassians against the bajorans as if the cardassians are nazi's, but this is just jewish propaganda. Over and over again the cardassian-bajoran conflict is an analogue for the israel-palestine conflict. It is jewish propaganda because they trick viewers into identifying with and siding with the bajorans, but in any conflict with the zionist cardassians the bajorans are the palestinians. Left-wing american jews that control american media fear that a successful zionist israel will be conservative and will cause fewer american jews to support the left-wing jewish globalist agenda.

The founders were also jews, they used intelligent but inexplicably subservisnt and compliant white people to act as "management" and to put the will of the founders into action (the vorta). Of course they needed some expendable creatures to act as muscle and cannon fodder in their campaigns of conquest, so they used their uneducated and inherently violent underclass of niggers/muslims (jem'hadar) to serve that purpose, and kept them in under control by feeding them drugs and controlling the supply of drugs.

Tl;dr - The show might as well have been called "Star Trek - Deep Space 9: All the different types of jews, IN SPACE!"

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They even have a larger-than-normal body part

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The only reason it works is because the space jews are kept separate and are not a part of the Federation.

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Yet the space jews are universally disliked. So, even in (((their))) own propoganda, they can't imagine being liked.

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Ferengi are an almost 1:1 representation of Jews. The big nose ears and everything...

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They never really explain the economy of Star trek. There's no money and no reason to do anything on Earth. So why do people sign up for military service if the only goal left is self improvement?

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Apparently they've evolved so that they feel the need to be productive for the sake of being productive. That one little tweak to human nature would go very, very far.

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Because in this society the real currency is your reputation. You can see it in literally every episode. If you are not respected you basically have nothing, because everything else is basically free.

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I believe they address it a couple of times.

While there's no monetary compensation , being a solider in the Federation gets you onto the really nice, new ships with the most cutting edge technology.

The Enterprise is the equivalent of a luxury cruise liner, with the armament of a destroyer, and moves like a speedboat. There are perks for serving at the very least.

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In real life socialism they never, never hand out positions based on ability so their space ship would be held together with chewed gum.

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It just has that pesky tendency to have hallways explode once per episode.

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They do it for the sweet holodeck time!

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The Federation is more fascist than you think

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A "communist" utopia might be possible when there is almost limitless energy available.

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And an absence of power hunger.

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Not just energy but resources in general. In TNG matter and energy are interchangeable but we don't have the luxury of turning an energy surplus into physical resources.

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Eh, not really true. Even if resources scarcity is eliminated (it actually isn't in Trek but let's pretend it is), time, labor, and other things are still scarce. And because human demand is never satiated, you're going to need a market system and standard of exchange to trade those resources.

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