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That's not multi-cultural. Thats muslim-cultural.

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Exactly, all of those things are part of my culture.

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I wonder if we will save ourselves.

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Looks like a real sign to me. It's a wonderful thing to print up real signs and put them in places where they will produce the most chaos. I recommend this activity for everyone. Top Kek. Hail Eris.

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Multi-Cultural... Mono-Cultural... Same diff

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They could use less text and just say, "This beach is not fun. Go elsewhere."

I mean what else do we go to beaches for? Beaches and cocktails go together like peanut butter and jelly. Jesus, I don't think I've ever been to a beach with a group in my life where I (or adults when I was a kid) didn't have a beer.

If you go to just walk, its common to take your dog and throw a frisbee or something.

And girls can't wear the traditional bathing suit there now?

I guess this beach is just for sitting and reading (the Quran).