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Actually most meat in the grocery store these days is butchered halal style which is more painful for the animal.

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what is halal style.

and most important of all (mcnukes reflect in the eye) what is most profitable?


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what is halal style.

Cutting the throat and letting the animal bleed out. Supposedly they get shocked first most of the time...

Compare to a bolt gun that is instant.

what is most profitable?

I think halal butchering is trouble. A quick bolt gun is probably faster and hence cheaper and simpler.

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halal is when you pay a religious freak to bless the death, and then kill by exsanguination which means bleeding to death.

the west in the past before the religious freaks got involved had settled on an air bolt (which gives sudden catastrophic brain damage) and no prayers to an invisible fairy.

think hard about what is more merciful: obliterating consciousness in an instant, or leaving the brain intact while you bleed out.

savage bronze age faggots should all be deported to the middle east ASAP. Jews and Muslims alike.

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Quite a few fast food chains are restuarants are halal. Popeyes chicken is one that comes to mind. Earls in Alberta tried switching to halal and tried to extort Canadian farmers into paying for a sticker on food. They lost a ton of money and have not recovered since switching back to Alberta beef.

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That's why we need to gas the Jew!

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You've never set foot in a Canadian Loblaw's then. Halal style is a small area, the cuts are noticeably different.

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Fuck nonisnt halal. You live in a cucked place.