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Black women engage in genocide on a daily basis.

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If they did I think we wouldn't have such a high crime rate.

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If they didn't the earth would be covered in darkness.

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I remember coming to grips with abortion and realizing it was inherently wrong. I had to do some soul searching that day.

Still anti abortion.

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I grew up listening to punk rock, doing drugs, and fancying myself an anarchist. Because of the influences I was subjecting myself to I had a radical leftist viewpoint in many areas. My views on abortion, and most everything else for that matter, came crashing down the day my girlfriend decided to go back to her rich ex and aborted our child per his request. That was over a decade ago and now I'm more conservative than Sean Hannity. I have a beautiful wife and blonde haired, blue eyed infant son. However, even though I'm thrilled that I'm not tied down to the evil cumdumpster that murdered my child, I still mourn sometimes for the heartbeat on a monitor that had life painfully ripped from it.

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I'm sorry to hear about that man.

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Nigger abortion is a good thing.

Think of the future crime prevented.

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All abortion is wrong.

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White parents should be paid $10k directly from the government. An annual payment for each White child they have and as long as they stay married. It would change our demographics back to a better country within 80 years and would also reduce the number of mud people sucking away our resources and exploding their population at White people's expense.

Sorry, mud people.... there's no more money left in the till. Better get out while the getting's good.

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The sad thing is, that most people would rather destroy their own country before they even think about saving white people.

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the jewish golem of identity politics is about to create white identity. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. Kikes never learn.

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This would never pass through national law, only through private funding would it be possible.

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80 years?

Shit, nigger, it would be less than that.

I know less than is "within", but you get my fucking point.

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It's almost as if the


running the show don't have the country's general welfare in mind.

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Women who had abortions other than rape related should be banned from having kids. It’s not like they’ll be good mothers with their ghost baby haunting them. I used to try to explain this to redditors on 2xchromosomes but they kept banning me. IM TRYING TO HELP YOU. WHY ARE WOMEN SO STUPID!? Little brains I guess.

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Would you keep or abort your fetus if it was diagnosed at 20 weeks 100% guaranteed to be trisomic? Would you take care and pay for the vegetable for the next 30ish years? Should we bare you from having 2-3 healthy kids after if you decided to kill the trisomic fetus?

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NO OMG I FORGOT THAT PART. Still gonna be haunted by your retard baby. Can you live with being haunted by a retard baby?

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The feminist jewment. It pitted man against woman and ruined the way traditionally men and woman made families. Woman need men. Men need to be men.

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yea except the world is better off without the aborted kid. maybe YOU want a bunch of mongrels running about, I don't.

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Sorry but I don't see this as a contradiction at all.

If I kill a wild bunny and eat it, it's not a crime at all. If I kill my neighbors pet bunny, I've committed a crime and can get sued for property damage and mental anguish caused to the owner... it's not that a pet bunny is inherently more valuable than a wild bunny, it's the fact that someone cared about it that matters.

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Bunnies are humans

That works.

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Most people who abort are subhuman shitskins

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That makes zero logical sense at all.

If you kill a baby that is growing inside a womb, you know it will will grow into a human being like yourself that can walk talk eat drink shit ... all the fun stuff.

Comparing a rabbit to a human? Really? Can a fucking rabbit grow up and marry your daughter? Can it get a job and build a house? Can it fucking save your life in war time. Fuck no it can't. You're a fucking idiot. So many other "can it" scenarios ... each one with the answer of "fuck no it can't".

You kill a child who is growing into life then you are a fucking piece of shit. Every fucking animal on this planet eats each other you fucking dumb ass. To say eating a rabbit is bad is like saying you shouldn't exist at all.. An d maybe you personally shouldn't because in reality you wouldn't. Because people had to eat to survive. We still do. Taking that away will kill us off. You want to die then go the fuck ahead. But don't tell the rest of us to go along with your illogical bullshit. You wouldn't even exist if man didn't eat rabbits and other animals you dumb fucking moron.

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If you think those two examples are analogous then yoh must be that special kind of retarded that requires wearing a helmet 24/7.

Killing a pet is a crime because it is a violation of the owners property rights. Killing a pregnant woman is 2 counts of murder because it is counting the fetus as having its own right to life. It is 2 counts of murder because the mothers right to life is no greater than the infant's right to life. If the law was not treatint them this way then it would be 1 count of murder and 1 count of some lesser charge, like cruelty to almost-human animals or some shit

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A lot of people missing your point here lol.

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Pro-life lobbyist groups drafted and pushed the changes in the laws that allowed the state to charge a murder of a pregnant woman as a double murder, specifically to help set the precedent that a fetus was a person. Given that context, it doesn't really make you think. It's a good example of the relationship between politics and law. What does it matter, my comment will be buried under "NIGGERS!" and (((jews))).

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Negros man. They're fucking negros.

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