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You joke, but raw milk is heavily regulated and hard to buy.

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Ever heard of the mastitis epidemic

Because of the mastitis epidemic in the U.S. dairy herd, the dairy industry continues to demand that American milk retain the highest allowable “somatic cell” concentration in the world.

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Oh yes, me droogies.

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During summer you can pick mushrooms of their shit and see pretty colors. Gonin the early morning

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Reminds me of back when I had to get my raw milk on the black market.

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Shit this made me smile. Nice. Yeah, I know this comment is looked down upon. Fire away faggots.

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Nah it's all good

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Well, you are nice. This place is a bit mean. I am mean. We are all mean. I do like it that way.

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Shut up, you karma-farming nigger.

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Why would I bother wasting ammo on someone who is such a Fresh Off the Boat redditer that they will literally smile while reading an image macro?

Are you still grinning even now? Bet you are, retards always smile. They smile all the fucking time.

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Total honestly. I was smiling. You are such a faggot. Cheers to you for being the utmost loser. Good job. The Jews will win cause you suck so much cockmuncher. Enjoy.

E: I will give you an upgoat because you are suck a faggot.

E2: Faggot.

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the only D she really wants

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"Hey kid, got milk? Want some? I can hook you up."

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implying that you wouldn't go down on a cow's titty to get summa dat sweet sweet warm warm whole milk with cream fresh from the source

Seems like we gotta lotta cow-nipple-o-phobes up in here

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