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That is beautiful

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Is she selling the child?

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Always keeps a light snack handy.

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Well, doesn't look like books are moving.

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Look at the pig, of course she goes to Costco for the pizza.

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Is the pizza made out of children?

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I bet there was an iv running from that kid straight into bill Clinton's wife's leg.

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Reddit translated headline on news:

"Hillary Clinton Achieves Largest Booksigning Crowd in The Largest Retail Chain In US History"

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Stop fucking posting directly from 8chan, retard.

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It helps us to identify the newfags who will in a few days wonder "where did all my pictures go?"

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8 months. He should know better than that. I've never even been on any of the chan boards and I know better.

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Doing book signings at Costco?

Her years at the state dept showed she would do anything for cash.

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Isn't the state department usually a big part of this kind of diplomacy? It's amusing how much she shit on Trump, saying he won't be able to do anything about NK- not even 2 years in, historic progress made already. It's wild.

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Only way I’d buy her book is if it’s pic after pic of her posing with Robert Maplethorpe’s bullwhip up her ass 😂

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