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Gf is a "lead graphic designer" who paints, but don't ever fucking call her an artist. She never got a degree in it. Won't countenance being called artist either.

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"Degenerate that makes stuff that loosely resembles art", might be a better label for her than "artist".

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I studied a practical art subject. We had a visiting lecturer from the fine art department once, she asked us all to raise our hands if we were an artist. No one did. She said it was funny, same with the graphic design class.

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It predates jenga.

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It reminds me of KerPlunk

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Fancy kids!

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Uhhh, you see, uh, well...this pasta teepee represents the Native Americans, who were...processed for consumption by the evils of colonialism. Do I get my degree yet?

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A++++++, you have learned well here at the Univ of Socialist Indoctrination

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The lack of pasta sauce represents the poverty of people of color due to oppression by whites.

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Spaghetti sur le Sol, the final presentation of graduate SayTan:

The piece gracefully illustrates how modern society is built on the ancient -- and how fragile that building is. Evoking the conflict between the traditional and the contemporary is not an uncommon theme but this work is masterful in its balance of darkness and light, in its subversion of common expectation, and in the simplicity from which its unusual complexity is derived. Mr. Tan's work will make an excellent addition to our salaries galleries.

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That's still better than 90% of modern art right now.

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OP's post is actually satisfying to look at, most modern art is just sad.

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Yup, vaguely interesting angles. Everytime the 3% of modern artists do something that is okay, the critics and other failed impressarios jump in on the dogpile of gut kicking. Then a bit of quality gets replaced by a display of a big pile of http://farm1.static.flickr.com/35/72053196_9c6c001fd5.jpg

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At least you did't waste four years like other art school graduates.

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That's not counting the years they have to waste paying back their massive debt.

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Working at starbucks driving everyone insane by letting people know they are an "artist" every 5 mins.

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where's the period blood? D-.

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My university has a "piece" very much like this made of large steel beams. I used to joke that it was left over scrap from a construction project that someone decided to paint and call "art".

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