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Well you could've had joint custody, but noooooo. You wanted that alimony check.

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Or you could have a husband to give you the dicking. But "variety is the spice of life" so you ruined his.

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Now there's a concept.

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If that D is doing this then why would she want to risk her body and her life for some limp?

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Booze and dick are what got her into this mess in the first place. Learn your fucking lesson!

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You could say lack of birth control too.

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Fucking whore lol!

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Ain't nothing wrong with being a whore. My issue is people bitching about well known consequences of stupid actions befalling them.

I haven't met a smoker who's complained about cancer, but when I do I'll make fun of him too.

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Some women still do it, regardless. You clearly aren't familiar with how the lower class lives.

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I just got done at a two week clinical rotation at a very fancy rehab, the upper class lives like that too.

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The only difference between the two groups is that the poorer people drink boxed wine instead of pouring it out of a bottle.

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I know girl just like this. She even complaind to me about her kids and how she got pregnant too early and it ruined her life because her boyfriend's in prison now and how she regrets ever having kids. Its sad to see someone so self-absorbed she would rather ride the dick carousel all day then love her children.

At least they're all ginger and not half-breed nigglets.

Still, not going anywhere near that red flag factory no matter how nice her ass looks.

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Every single friend of mine....

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Thanks! That's hilarious:-)

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You need to present the other side..


I highly doubt she wants to do as you say, that's all the wasteland of a player's mindset.

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