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TL;DR: "Ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem, I have no fucking clue what's going on but I'm still going to bitch." As the saying goes, Trump could cure cancer and the left would be butthurt about the drop in Phizer's stock price.

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"Throughout human history, cancer has been an excellent test of strength and endurance. Trump selfishly took away one of humanity's greatest challenges"
They'd bitch about all the cancer "charities" closing down, too.

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And really, he didn't even come up with the cure, he's just stealing credit. Susan G Komen For The Cure did all the legwork! :P

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This is what being divorced from reality looks like. This is why they are toxic to America. They have to go.

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Nah we should just go full authoritarian and deplatform them. I mean there's no way they would ever wind up behind the controls... Right?

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What the fuck did Obama do really? He claims no scandals, that's a lie. He bent over like a prison punk to everyone he met. America is actually becoming respected again.

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King Nigger increased racial tensions, forced a "white man" tax through the ACA, destroyed any semblance of a functioning economy , bailed out a ton of companies which gave the finger to the US, intentionally created legislation with purpose to bankrupt and/or heavily fine big players, create pay to play schemes to bar small companies from entering the market, intentionally instilled hatred of police and military, intentionally ran guns to Mexico as a pretense for disarming US citizens, sued the southern states to decrease deportations, re defined what deportation is to ensure that Mexicans could be dropped within 5 miles of the border, promoted defeatist attitudes, implied that illegals can vote and hold office, radicalized the democratic voter base. And that's just off the top of my head, scandal free!! /s

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I almost want to ask. Would you like to research some more?

Folks this response was in a the matter of a minute or two. As they say, just off the top of your head.

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He also encouraged federal raids on pot dispensaries, users, and farms in states where the use and production of marijuana was fully decriminalized, superseding states rights and basically pissing in the eyes of everyone that voated for him when he rolled in on that white horse named "Hope and Change". He drove Edward Snowden and Julian Assange out of the country, locked up Bradley Manning and for all we know authorized all manner of torture both physical and psychological that ended with Bradley transitioning to Chelsea before being released. He dragged out the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, supercharged the Drone Warfare Program and used it to indiscriminately kill civilian targets just on the off chance that an actual Enemy Combatant might be in the neighborhood, toppled the Libyan Government which lead to the execution of Ghadaffi and Libya's current state of affairs, and it's thanks almost entirely to Obama that we're now squaring off with Russia over Syria in a volatile shitshow that could have very easily turn into World War 3 if Hillary had succeeded Obama as President of the United States, because fuck knows that cunt has been in the swamp long enough to have plenty of "friends" that would have profited immensely off another global war.

I may not be fully on Trump's side, but I ain't sorry to see Obama go and I'm pretty pleased with Trump to date.

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He did his best. /s

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Remember 8 months ago when Trump was being mean to that dictator and the left was wringing their hands about how saying anything mean to him was going to start WW3? Or 5 months ago when the left was swooning over the norks at the olympics? Or just weeks ago when it briefly looked like the talks might fall through the cracks and the left erupted at trump for failing to follow through?

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They are insufferably oblivious buttpussies.

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I didn't realize getting North Korea to commit to "complete denuclearization" was nothing.

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They are literally insane. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. None of them have any capacity for rational thought anymore.

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Perhaps they never really did.

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This is the face of mental illness.

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It's so punchable! But I guess it's not nice punching the ill...

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Nah its ok in this case, they would punch you because of your condition (being redpilled) member Moldylocks?

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It's funny not six months ago they were kvetching about Trump provoking North Korea and trying to start a war. He made peace and now they're mad?

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Replace Trump with Obama and NK with Cuba and this is accurate.

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