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Relevant, except for one thing: the only reason Russia would bother invading Europe is if the New Caliphate's takeover became complete enough to become a concern for the Russians. In which case the Europeans ought to be grateful to the sukablyats, because the Russians would have proved that they care more about Europeans than the Europeans themselves.

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Shameful that even after being saved from the aloha snackbars, europeans would still consider russia to be the greater evil.

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I'm just hoping Ukrainian and Russia stop their quite literal brother war right now.

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You can blame NATO for that. They attempted a coup in the Ukraine to make the country more EU-friendly, with the goal of getting Western control of the sea base in Sevastopol. Russia naturally took offense to this attempt by NATO to gain a port in the Black Sea, and contest Russia's sphere of influence in that region. And in response, Russia did the minimum required to maintain their turf against NATO aggression: they annexed Crimea and the sea port within, which until the 60s was Russian clay anyways. It's an ugly situation, but I can't blame Russia one bit for what they did, they were just protecting their own interests. They could have seized more territory, they chose not to. They could have denounced the entire country, they chose not to. Between this shit, Syria, the sanctions, and the constant spying allegations, the West has been practically goading Russia into war for a while now, and they haven't taken the bait. Whatever else you think about the man, you've got to at least admire Putin for maintaining such a cool head in all of this, especially in comparison to the other heads of state all but calling for war.

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They'd also do it because if Western Europe were to fall to the brown hordes they'd be easy pickings. No Arab army in the modern era has ever been able to stand against a Western one. That being said, France, Germany and England as they are now would get crushed by Russia anyway because their armed forces are completely underfunded, demoralized and ineffective. They couldn't even bomb Libya, a country with no means to fight back, into submission before they ran out of ammo and had to beg the US to come help.

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That being said, France, Germany and England as they are now would get crushed by Russia anyway because their armed forces are completely underfunded, demoralized and ineffective.

Even with the US's help, victory is far from assured. Our military may be much more expensive than Russia's, but but it isn't better. We only bother training our troops and testing our equipment to beat the average goatfucker, the Russians test it to beat themselves. We Also follow doctrines that we know are outdated, but keep around anyways because of politics; the Millennium Challenge is a good example of this.

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I like how it doesn't mention Israel because the US has done much more for Israel but Americans are still cucked by them.

Don't forget to go to work today my American friends, that 3.8 billion this year needs to come from somewhere!

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Americans truly are the best goys :)

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Europe needs an invasion by Russia to unseat the enemy within and restore social order out of contrived chaos.

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This is nonsense.

These countries ... even if they doubled their spending wouldn't be close to the US budget. You know... the budget that will eventually destroy our country.

Nice memeing asshat.

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We could lower our spending if we didn't have bases in gernany

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We could lower our spending if we didn't allow a few billion people to live.

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It's percentage of the GDP that they would need to spend you illiterate dipshit.

Many NATO countries don't pay enough. And that is an objective fact. In 2002, at a NATO meeting in prague, new members were added and they introduced new conditions for the member countries. They would need to spend "enough resources" for the military.

Which has been set to: 2%.

This goes for all member states of the NATO. But what do they ACTUALLY pay?

France: 1,8%
Austria: 0,8%
Germany: 1,2%

The US on the other hand spends over 4%. So yes, if these countries don't follow the rules, the US is perfectly right in telling them to fuck off.

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If you are writing to someone you actually think is illiterate is quite ironic. Right? You know what that word means right?

Why don't we lower our spend so it matches theirs? Hmm... and then fix our own stinky shit? I like my plan better. Maybe i art the deal.

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What’s the last frame?

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It's a Giant Russia hovering over the other three.

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Yeah, which doesn't really make sense, unless you think Russia is the bad guy willing and able to invade Europe at any moment.

This is some normie conservative tier bullshit.

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The correct answer is kike propaganda.

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Russia ball at the bottom frame reminds me of the car magnet in Brave Little Toaster.

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I understood that reference.

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Repeat after me, russians baaaaad, russians baaaaaad.

Edit: Totally grassroot voating going on here.

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CIA niggers out in force. Definitely no bots upvoting this tripe.

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Rehost for the inevitable 404. https://kek.gg/i/qSGyT.png

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