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Women are more "racist" than men.


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not true

  1. Women conform, so they are less racist in society today.

  2. Women don't have limited resource; THEY are a resource; they are biologically cognitively adapted to be able to mate with men outside their tribe. For when a stronger tribe loots them.

  3. Women cannot reason about politics, civilization, or tribal defense. That's men's job.

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It doesnt make sense.

Women want open borders, so more men can come in and fight so she can select the stronger one to breed with.

for women it's instinct

Nonsense. Women care for strength and dominance, they dont care about the race AT ALL. Just look at all the white whores fucking illiterate, unemployed niggers because their only alternatives are weak, feminized white betas or short asian ladyboys.

Exactly because women have more limited resources they do not care about race and have zero tribal loyalty. Their main way to pick a mate is "let's you and him fight". Shell then fuck the winner regardless of race.


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You could work that both ways. Women's function is to nurture and socialise, men's function is to protect, so they're more likely to be wary of strangers.