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X-posted to v/science!

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Dammit, I got here too late. But LOL if you archived it first, I bet it would get upvotes.

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I try hard to not toy with simple minds like that.

I shit you not, I was explaining my theory of alien DNA and Jews being the chosen people, with the earth being a seeded colony ship - and not just one but several people thought I was serious and wanted more information.

As tempting as it was, I was well behaved and let them know I was just making shit up. So fucking tempting... If I had more energy, and less apathy, I'd create a network of sites that referenced each other and start a conspiracy theory about it. I can write all flowery and professional, and am fairly well versed in jargon.

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https://archive.fo/WjaOS :

NASA Says Presence Of Diving Board On Mars Confirms Planet May Have Once Contained Water

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Meh, more v/satire than v/funny.

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