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I just assume the same types of people that eat meatless balls are the same types of people that tell me cigarettes are bad for me and then continue on to ride their fucking bicycle on the side of a main highway.

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Cigarettes are bad though.

Not that you actually need to ever say that phrase in real life like some SJW-tard (unless it's to family members or close friends).

I just smirk whenever I see chain smokers and bask at my intellectual superiority over them.

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They taste good tho. I've had fake ones that taste awesome with a lot of fennel.

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Funny thing is, I never knew more smokers than when I was in college at a very liberal school. Apparently, many Hollywood celebrities are still huge smokers too. Speaks volumes.

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WHOA if you want to go Vegan, just try out their meat-replacement products - they are so good you won't know it isn't meat!

>tries vegan hotdogs, vegan tofurkey sausages

>spit them back out in horror

Oh dude, you just want to be a bloodmouth. Besides, you're supposed to eat to live, not live to eat.

>salted oatmeal rations when?

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I can't think of a single herbivore that hasn't been documented engaging in carnivorous behaviour. Even in nature herbivores occasionally eat meat. Heres a horse eating a baby chick

Vegans want to pretend that they are something that doesn't exist in nature. At least for vertebrates.

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mmmm, tastes like chicken

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Vegans are SJW retards but I think this is false:

Even in nature herbivores occasionally eat meat.

I mean must be exceptions,like the one you pointed out,but that's it.

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Okay, so to be fair I have tried to be vegetarian since Dec 31st. I'm doing this not to be a fag, but becuase I think factory farming is fucked up. I still eat wild animal; deer, fish, and beef from farms I know about, but I'm sick of supporting the factory farming industry that has ruined farming.

For thousands of years, farms were sort of the same, but in the 1950s industrialization scaled everything up that animals are no longer treated with any sort of respect. All the small farmers I know take CARE of their animals because they fucking CARE. The animals aren't shoved into buildings with no room to walk around, they're free to roam fields or pens, outside, on the ground. They see sunlight.

But factory farming shit? It's genetically modified inbred bovine growth hormone injected bullshit. Eat local, free range food, and wild animal. Fuck factory farming.

As for meatless products, try the fake bacon first. I prefer it over normal bacon. Does it taste as good as real bacon? Not really. But it tastes pretty fucking good, it's way healthier for you, and here's the real benefit: WAY QUICKER/CLEANER in the morning.

Seriously there's not grease all over the fucking place, your stove will thank you and cleaning up your pans takes like 1/10th the time, your sponge doesn't get all nasty, AND ITS WAY HEALTHIER FOR YOU.

They're aweosme, they taste like bacon chips. Fresh local eggs and facon = rad.

The other things that are pretty good are the chicken patties, they taste basically identical, and the ground 'beef' crumples when you make tacos. I fed the fake ground beef to some people that would never try fake meat, they seriously didn't even fucking notice. I told them when they were done eating, lol.

And hte real benefit is the fake meat is way healthier for you, less fats, less carcinogens, less horemones (compared to factory farmed bullshit).

I'm the fittest/strongest/most in shape I've ever been in my life.

Try it. Fuck factory farming. You can still eat meat, but be picky. If you cheat, whatever, I occasionally break down and order a burger when I'm out drinking, but I've cut out 95% of my meat consumption by purely avoiding factory farmed shit.

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how much cum do you have to chug to make up for your protein deficiency?

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Its like theyre preparing for famine

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Feminist issued rations.

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How long before we start selling "Meatless Hamburgers" to appeal to vegans?

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They've had that for a whike. The have something called earthburger here. Tried it once and it was actually pretty good, but I don't know what it was made with but I had the shits like I'd eaten a pound of fiber that night lol. Never again

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I will say that while vegan meat substitutes taste horrible, the mushroom burgers are quite good. It helps that I like mushrooms though.

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They exist all over the place, and they taste fucking awesome if they're made at an actual restaurant. The frozen crap that some serve and the ones in the grocery store are gross.

The beyond meat ones are pretty good tho. More protein, less fat, less calories, and you aren't eating horemone injected factory farmed bullshit.

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The Beyond Burger "bleeds" but is meatless. I've heard that it taste anywhere from "terrible" to a "bad burger"

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Fucking kek flipped my pic!

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Vegans are the cancer

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  1. Swear off meat.

  2. Spend the rest of your life trying to make everything you eat look like meat.

  3. Happy.

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When it's so tasty I eat too much.

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