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i dont know the reference, context?

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I think this is from the fire marshal project, whatever it was called. Basically people were squatting in condemned buildings, and 4chan would then let the fire department know who would then give everyone tickets and then re board up the building.

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ha!!! i love 4chan.

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Crappy wigger, probably his office or recording studio that Anon found but who cares? The defeat on the left is real (and it should be, they lost literally everything in 2016) and their tears sustain me. And make me laugh.


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that doesnt really help me to understand how the picture is celebrating someones death. unless he was saying that posting pepe is supporting the death of some group by inherently being a nazi frog or some shit and no specific death is actually being mocked, celebrated, or referenced at all by the picture.

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mfw everytime this happens...

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Right Wing Safety Squads!