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Are you suppose to eat Raman Noodles on Ramandan?

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BBQ. Preferably pork.

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Only the pork flavor.

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You can but only with a side of bacon and beer

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Only at night time though

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Whats with the puppies?

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They're tender, delicious, and muzzies hate them!

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Why do they hate do-oh right, dogs dont like feral animals

[–] InflationSlave 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

Muslims don't understand humans like dogs do. A dog is a loyal noble creature, and a muslim is, well a muslim is a pedophile worshiping piece of shit with no honor and no decency.

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The other two guys replying to you were making jokes so I'll give you the real answer, backed by half-assed wikipedia resarch. The Quaran defines a whole class of things that are ritually unclean (Najis) which are:

wine and other spirituous drinks, dogs, swine, dead animals that were not ritually slaughtered, blood, excrements, and the milk of animals whose meat Muslims are not allowed to eat.

Apparently the supreme leader of Islam said owning and walking dogs is "offensive to the sensitivities of Muslims." Also in 2016 Malaysia banned the use of the term "hot dog" since it wasn't halal/kosher/hurt their fee fees.



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Interestingly, the quran also contains a story about a bunch of people who owned a dog and said nothing negative about either the group or the dog.

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Memeworthy enough to make it into a poster.

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Be very careful while walking your dogs voaters. They like to leave poisoned treats/food out

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I don't train my dogs in general letting them be themselves but this one thing I had to make sure they know not to do and I make sure they fed before walking

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honestly looked at the meme and was like these peolpe are just ignorant. then i saw the fucking puppies these assholes want to kill

[–] Schreiber 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Nah they don't kill puppies. They just stay away from dogs. Dog is basically like pig for them.

Some cultures do kill puppies and eat them though.

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And a merry bomb-mas to you!

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Grab your suicide vest ... it's time for Bombadan!!!

... meh, I got nothin'

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I think you're supposed to leave a bomb gift.

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Happy OINK day., Stupid camelpisslovers.

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Let the murders begin

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