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"socialism" is too broad a term, any state that collects taxes is socialist to a certain degree. i think the term you're looking for is "judeo-bolshevik"

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I am as free market as they come, but as long as a country is distorting the markets it should do it to benefit its people.

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oy vey! that sounds an awful lot like nationalist socialism to me, goy. SHUT IT DOWN

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Is that why there's a recent trend of protectionism being used by countries to create a better free market strictly for the people inside their borders?

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I get that sentiment, and I respect it. However, I personally can't think of any market distortions that help the people more than they hurt them. Tarrifs for instance raise prices for everyone in exchange for a relative few keeping their jobs, and on top of that reduce competition, because you're removing the incentive for local companies to innovate.

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OP knows. It's intentional misinformation by people who believe the teachings of Marx. Every time you see someone use the word "socialism" instead of "communism," it's this. https://voat.co/v/politics/2426964/12077403 They spend lots of time thinking how they can trick people or confuse them. If you call them out, why, you must be a communist jew (projection.) They bank on their previous subversion being enough that this is enough to shut that crticism down.

There is nothing the Jew fears more than a White people who act collectively in their own interests. They shill quite often on Voat. Look and you'll see it in nearly every post or comment using the word "socialism."

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So someone else sees the bullshit. There's daily posts on voat making fun of communism/socialism and no one wants to even acknowledge that capitalism may be flawed and need fixing.

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I think communism has worked perfectly in Venezuela. There's no privately-held resources cuz nobody has any there is no currency cuz nobody has any and there is no state the ultimate goal of Communism no privately-held resources no currency and no state.

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There's no food and the average citizen has lost 17 pounds from starvation

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The current girlfriend (country) should be emaciated and missing a few limbs.

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China is probably going to take over the world. Hope you are studying your mandarin so you can be middle management while all your buddies are strapped to sewing machines.

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Meh, China is in the middle of pretty yuge bubble right now. They have large GDP gains, but only because the state is funding thousands of unproductive ventures. A good example of this is the so-called "ghost cities" of China--you have these blocks of very sleek and pretty office buildings, which look very professional and prosperous--but they're all empty. Once the sun goes down, entire city blocks of skyscrapers are just dark, because there's nobody working in them. Between this artificial expansion and their currency devaluation, China is setting itself up for the mother of all crashes in the next few years.

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At least you did some reading. Those bubble conditions are in place. But usually bubbles come from tight economies more than loose inefficient ones. They are preparing for all this and have been for some time. And they don't have to bend to the whim of the public like we do.

My context comes from doing business with them at the high-tech level. They aren't stupid and they are training some bright people. They aren't at our level yet, but some favorable wind and they could pass us. Never underestimate your opponent.

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Only if we foolishly allow them to do so on the advice of Jewish "free market" normative economists peddling the red scare like OP.

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It was our parents that sold our future to them. I'm not sure you can blame anyone else but them and their pointless consumption of cheap shit.

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He forgot Mexico, France, Spain, Wiemar Republic Germany, Chile, Argentina, Angola, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and you know what, I'll stop. The more I mention, the longer the list gets.

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I think that's represented by the girl on the right edge of the frame that's cut off--it's to show that the list is never-ending.

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Also VietNam

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Socialism DOES work. It has ALWAYS worked.

For the socialists.

In socialism, they get to tax you and distribute your money to themselves. How does that not satisfy the definition of "working"?

They are fully aware that it can not work for everybody at the same time. Somebody will always pay more in taxes than he receives in services so somebody else can get more services than he pays in taxes. For the guy who pays more than he gets it has NEVER worked and NEVER will work.

So whether socialism does or doesnt work strongly depends on how close you are to the ruling socialist party, where the redistribution magic is performed.

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I'll have you know socialism succeeded in Cambodia for two whole months! That's not just impressive, it's revolutionary!

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That chick labelled Fictional country will be anorexic pretty soon.

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