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No wonder the Jews hated it so much.

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We could call it 'AllAtCost' and lure them in. Free showers with purchase.

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*No purchase necessary

(((They))) will run in when you say it is free :)

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Funniest comment I've read on the internet in at least a week. Very well done.

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This. This is why I use Voat.

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Take a point sir

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Peanutbutter balls= in English that would be phenobarbital, this is the answer I got when a lady was over dosing, I asked the man next to her what she was on, and kept screaming peanut butter balls, I figured allergies, we got the hospital and was told she was over dosing on phenobarbital

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Sounds like you work in an amber lamps.

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Or in a moss petal’s femur gents seize room.

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Ankle wire = we had a nigger that called angle iron this in corporate emails.

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He might have had one wired to his ankle the last time he rode in the back of a police cruiser.

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Diversity kills.

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I can understand misspelling that for sure, and even mispronouncing it, but saying "peanut butter balls" is beyond the pale.

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4 ingredients, lists 6 non-ingredients. How about you unfuck your shit and feed my chocolate-peanut butter addition?

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"Pick up a book."

  1. Top fucking kek

  2. The most disgusting type of stupidity is arrogant stupidity. This is the same exact mindset shared by every lefty.

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I rarely put people down, scathingly, IRL. I'm just not that kind of person; generally. If someone's stupid, I have a thought, to myself, and move on with my day. Nothing I could say is going to make them any smarter, anyway. The only thing that sets me off is arrogant stupidity. Oh my God; it's the one thing that will get me to snap at someone. Libtards like to overuse the phrase, "that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard". It's a special kind of grating, and guarantees that I'll berate them, until they feel liking going home, to cry in their room, or get high, or whatever they do to cope with their cognitive dissonance.

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I love putting people down on the internet though, since you can't really do it in real life.

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Dunning Kruger

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I'd be surprised if this nigger even read a comic book. Maybe just looked at the pictures

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If you haven't figured it out yet, it's a joke. It's the current black humor on social media. It's a format that is used repeatedly for laughs.

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The second biggest mistake was letting the government handle education.

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The first one was accepting Jewish banks in Europe.

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No, the first was accepting jews into the US.

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This is amazing! It's like reverse-ebonics.

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Gotta love the niggers for making us feel so smart.

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Is that next to the staircase of burden?

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Slavery has always been practiced in sub-Saharan Apefrica. It's a massive problem that was never ended.

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And that guy would have been born there, or more likely his ancestors would have died before he would have been born, if they weren't brought to the us by the jews.

every time

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The majority of people in the world, especially sub-Saharan Africans, exist today because of white technology. I think the majority of lazy negros in sub-Saharan Africa exist, because of white charity. They're too stupid and lazy to farm effectively, so it's not like a million of them will be able to support themselves. As soon as white countries are a completely Jewed and destroyed, they're going to die in a massive famine while the Chinese watch and do nothing.

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Exactly, still to this day slavery exist. And not only Africa. Saudi Arabia as well. Some parts of China, east Asia, India.

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If only they had some racist white people who are the only ones guilty of slavery to stop all of this non-white slavery.

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