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God I think pissed a little after reading that.


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Fucking reddit link


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I know what it is so i loled anyway but fuck these kidds and their shittid links


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And with extra jpeg.


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Her kids probably aren't austitic, she's just too busy assuming mommy authority over every other adult to mother her own damned kids.


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She doesn't know what "autistic" means and thinks the cave paintings drawn in shit on the walls of her council house means her kids are "artistic".


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Old but gold


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Went go cart racing with a buddy.

Waited forever for the people on the track to finish their race.

There were two carts, one would move a bit and stop. Move a bit and stop. Move a bit and stop. Move a bit and stop. They were on lap two of nine.

Move a bit and stop. Move a bit and stop. Move a bit and stop.

We went outside to smoke a joint, came back in...., move a bit and stop. Move a bit and stop. Move a bit and stop.

Four laps left....... move a bit and I’m sure you are catching my drift.

They finally finish about an half hour later and the mom comes in while her daughter is still trying to figure out which way is up, and I say to my friend “this is retarded”, immediately the mom barks from behind me “she is not retarded, she has autism!”. I turned and replied, “what I said was this is retarded not she is retarded and I was not talking to you.” She didn’t hear a damn thing, she is a professional victim.

When I left I got a speeding ticket. $348 for travelling 50 kilometres per hour. Autistic authorities.


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I will never get tired of seeing this meme.


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When I was in college we had a summer renter who was a little weird about germs, he would walk around with socks on his hands or spraying his hands with an alcohol mist but he was a decent guy so whatever.

Then I end up taking a call from his dad and start bs'ing with him. Turn's out he has a brother in an institution....

Then his other brother comes to visit. He sits on the floor with a backpack on and says not a word to anyone. All of the sudden his wrist watch beeps and he takes out a pill minder and takes a pill. Then in a monotone voice he says "I can't drive, I can't drive because I have seizures. But, they cut out a piece of my brain and if I don't have a seizure for six more months, then I can drive". Then he just sits silently again.

Man I felt bad for those parents. I wonder if they were related to this woman????


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No, but I bet the dad and mom were related.


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I almost spit out my coffee!

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