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Those 15 year olds should demand the same amounts for playing against them.

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^ This guy gets it

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Don't worry, the liberals will make some of their men cut their dick and identify as women.

Then those "woMEN" can fight on equal ground with the real men.

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3.2 BILLION watch the real world cup. There is a very good reason why women soccer players are paid less. They don't have the audience

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Volleyball on the other hand...

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There's men's volleyball? TIL

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Let's be honest here, if you watch women's volleyball, would you rather watch very skilled ugly women or a mediocre cute girls playing it?

I would rather watch the prettier ones. When I watch men's soccer, I would like the camera to zoom in on the player that has the ball, when I watch women's soccer, it better zoom in on the cutest girl on the field more often.

See, the reason why men can't take women competing for "sports" or whatever event seriously is because, at the end of the day, their looks is what matters. Some ugly fat women win starcraft or chess tournament? Who cares. Now if she's cute, then maybe it's worth reading the news article...

This is a natural thing. Women are designed to produce offspring, take care of them, and do housework and other traditional gender role, not fucking compete in competitions. That's what men are for.

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They're also not so good.

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That's what the lack of audience shows...

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Nope, they can beat the tar out of the female volleyball teams. It's just that no one wants to see them

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Just tell the boy's that if they win the girls will give them HJs.

300-0 is the final score. 5 min game

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Yeah you dont really want HJ from most women who do pro sports, only those in a few categories and soccer isn't one of them.

Waht was that story about some femanazi gym teacher who trained the girls in some obscure ball game for a year then let them play the boys who never saw it before, then when the girls were losing she made points for girls count doubel took one player of the boys team and prohibited any contact.

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Just like current day feminism, just keep rigging the game until you win. Then use as proof that women are superior. Wonder why everyone hates you, as you have destroyed all the fun and enjoyment out of an event

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Lesser Womens College volleyball and soccer is peak

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At least if I gotta choose I figure the keepers have a stronger grip.

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Do you have the link to that one?

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Didn't the same thing happen to the US team? The same team that won the cup?

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As the article points out "To be fair, it was just a scrimmage, which means the U.S. women were working on team chemistry and on pitch alignment and strategy more than they were focused on results."

But still 5-2 isn't something you should have happen against a team of 15 year olds.

I knew a chick who seriously thought women could play in the NFL, and the only reason they weren't allowed in the NFL is because men were scared of having their jobs taken.

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You don't even need to see them compete. I usually watch some of both cups, and you can tell the pace alone is crazy different.

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I would have pointed out that "transgender" dude who fought in the women's UFC (at least I think it was UFC). Beat the absolute shit out of everyone. And you could tell he wasn't even that much better of a fighter. He actually have little technique, and would have probably gotten curb-stomped in two seconds, flat, fighting against the other men. But against women? Man, he steam-rolled them.

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They need to be given pink aprons and get back in the kitchen, I need a sandwich.

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If memory serves me right, the first woman to appear on a Division I college football team only happened very, very recently. So the odds of seeing one make an NFL squad, even as a backup, is very, very slim.

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And when women point out that they are physically weaker than men in general, remember to say "what about chess?"

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Think that every tranny that immediately goes from unranked male to top ranked female reminds us of reality.

That said I still wouldnt want to get in scrape with a sheboon. Who knows what a culture of that weave could grow.

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U.S. Olympic Women's Ice Hockey Team (when they were ranked #1) loses to boy's high school team:


There's a link in there where you can watch it. The first period anyway... Skipping ahead is broken for me.

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Think about that for a second, the best women hockey players in the entire country were beat by the best boy hockey players in a single high school.

[–] AinzOown 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

It's not lost on me. The skill gap between the best players and an average player is insane. The only excuse I'd give the girls is that only a very small % of girls even try hockey so even on a national level their talent pool isn't that big. Granted only a very small % of girls would be any good at hockey also so.... Yeah.

Fun fact, my high school had girls play on the team. They were all terrible.

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I’ve heard that physical differences will matter less as we move into the technological age. I think our dominance in STEM is a result of these differences. Physical and mental stamina go hand & hand.

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That's why our national team makes the boys field one less player

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