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how many blacks speak white languages instead of their monkey speech?


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Not many. They go to the same schools we do, live in the same towns, yet, they end up speaking with foreign accents. They try and appropriate southern accent and terms but then bastardize it. Even the food they claim as "soul food" is southern white people food culture. Blues music was stolen from the whites in Appalachia. You see, niggers have nothing of their own except chaos. Jews helped them to appropriate southern culture


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" Blues music was stolen from the whites in Appalachia. "

^ this sentence is complete horse shit. a lie or an uneducated opinion or fake news shit. fuck off



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Well there's Dr Ben Carson. But ask any nigger and he isn't black, or black enough.


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Ooga booga indeed


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on top of that they get upset that they have to speak "in code" at their place of employment. they can't even understand that the purpose of spoken language is to communicate ideas. they don't realize that they wouldn't need to speak "in code" if in their daily lives they used the primary language of the country in which they live. if a child has a secret language that they use when they talk to their stuffed animals, and later in life they try to use that language in a professional environment they will be fired. if you only speak AAVE you can only get a job at a pawn shop, liquor store, gas station, strip club, etc, and they'll all be in the shit part of town.


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Very few, they have apebonics.