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I worked with a bunch of somewhat well off Kenyans from Eldorette, Kenya. One of them owned a well stocked farm in the countryside that his family had used the proceeds from to send him to college. They weren't starving and survived solely on their own. Despite all this, once a month to every few months, aid workers would bring them free gibbs, they'd always tell them they weren't starving. He explained that the push for gibbs in Africa is so strong that a lot of nigs who normally wouldn't take it, have given up farm labor, opting to instead sit on their asses and get their free handouts. It's so much worse than we could ever know.

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If you're really good at it you might snag a position with the Clinton Foundation. Then you're really set.

Only downside is that you have a higher chance of suicide by unlikely means.


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Skim off the top? They take 90% of it and use the 10% to make it look like they are doing something.


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Yeah, I'd imagine they avoid the slums where people actually need it so as not to get knifed.

I also heard that the millenium village project completely warped the economy of the area and created permanent shanty towns around the handout zones.


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Yeah, when they get hit with some disaster all these aid organizations ask for money to send them food, which is easy and looks get. What it does is destroy the agricultural economies of these areas and countries, driving farmers out of jobs and once the free food supply dries up there is no one growing any food and they get hit with famine. Then aid organizations ask for money for food and it all starts over again. The lack of forethought to how these economies are going to be effected is what is really fucking these countries over.


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Can you provide a source for this kind of claim?


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No. This is an anecdote.