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If it's not fighting the possum you're feeding it too much. Cats are supposed to be hungry so they'll keep the mice down.

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What is that?

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Americas only marsupial. Ugly fuckers but they're good for the environment, unlike coons. Fuck raccoons too, they suck.

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Where I live they appear to be good for running over with your car on the highway.

They can act pretty nasty and dangerous if you corner one, but then they do that thing where they fall down and act dead. "Playing possum"

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Ugly fuckers but they're good for the environment


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A coon hater, eh? You'll fit right in at Voat.

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A cat.

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This guy to the rescue.

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Isn't that the guy from that old TechTV show screen savers. Don't know what he's been up to after that. Think he did some hacker podcast for a bit maybe.

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Good thing there was food there that was't putting up a fight otherwise that cat would actually need some legit help.

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Used to have "pet" possums when I was a kid. By pet, I mean it was a family of possums that my mom would feed. The mother and the little possum kids would all come to our porch during our dinner time and we'd put a bunch of food out, we did this for a looong time.

Several years in a row this Possum would show up for a period of 3 or so months in a row at least 3 times a week to feed her new borns she would have ever year and we would always have food for them lol

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Why is George Jones eating that poor cats food? He needs to lay off the sauce (yes I know he's dead fuck you RITP)

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I fucking hate cats

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You have to add mustard.

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I'll have to give that a try :)

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Hullo Alf.

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I love cats. They taste like chicken.

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Damned Chinamen.

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Tastes like chicken, but catty-er.

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