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It's a sad state that the company takes this seriously, and not brushes it off as an obvious joke.

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It is the UK. they can't. People go to jail for jokes.

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I assumed they got the reference but played it safe: ~"Don't involve us in the dispute. To bring this conversation to a hasty close, if somehow you (or anyone else reading) are actually upset, here's what you can do. kthxbye."

I actually wish more companies would stay out of issues that don't actually concern them instead of hamfistedly taking the side of the original complainant and then back-tracking when they realize it's a two-sided issue and then having both sides hate them for having taken the other's side at some point.

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Rhody lingo 101.

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That pug knows.

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Smart pug.

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Lol, Needlestack is trolling Aldi and churning out Nazi Pugs by the dozen.

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Every single conservatives on earth need to band together and use leftist tactics to punish progressives.

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@NeedleStack trolling.

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I would totally do that. :)

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Because she doesn't want to get banned from hobby lobby

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Throw this pug in jail NOW!

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Can you really blame the pug? He probably sat on a shelf for weeks, watching all the shitskins coming into Aldis and getting their free food.

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Crochet a friend - Kyle

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Oh, have you seen Kyle lately? He's about this tall.

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