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This sounds like something out of its always sunny in Philadelphia

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I assumed it’s was a reference to an it’s always sunny in Philadelphia episode.

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Warm up before you stretch, that's why he got caught. You only stretch warm muscle. A little knowledge is dangerous.

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That's actually a good idea.

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Unless you stretch after you warm up with some sort of movement you actually put your muscles at greater risk for injury by simply cold stretching.

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this guy steals

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Did not know Charlie Day is such a dedicated method actor!

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"dedication" "craft" I've dealt with assholes like this. There is NO "dedication". There is NO "craft"! The best final outcome is where this piece of shit is shot dead. If that is not the case, they just leave a trail of victims.

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Serial robbing Dunkin Donuts? He has to be looking for suicide by cop and failing.

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Pro tip for robbers: a quad stretch before work makes running from the police more enjoyable

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