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Any white person who goes in the jewish Starbucks is a disgrace.

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I keep getting gift cards so if I don't go they come out further ahead.

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That's a poor excuse. There's lots of sites where you can sell those on the internet.

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You weren't kidding, the owner is Jewish.


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Is this the same jew who publically stated that they wanted to hire invader muslims over whites?

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I guess I'm out of the loop? Or is this just a "funny" cartoon?

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Some nigger beast were loitering in Starbucks and asked to leave and refused. Manager called the authorites and they show up and proceed to arrest the ferral creatures. The nigger beast claimed they were waiting for a friend, the friend eventually showed up and the beast were released. Now Starbucks CEO made a statement that he condoned the arrest and I believe some employees got into trouble. There's more but that's the basic.

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shrug Niggers ruin everything.

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In liberal Philly a Starbucks told a couple of nigger to hit the bricks because they went in to use the restroom, they told them that it's ONLY for customers, niggers then sat down are refused to leave, so they called the police who arrested them for trespassing. Now niggers (including the white guilt nigger loving Mayor) are chimping out. http://www.fox29.com/news/national-news/protesters-gather-at-philly-starbucks-call-for-change-following-arrests

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Thank you. Niggers do have a habit of ruining things.

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Stopped going to Starbucks but would get dirty looks saying I wanted a black iced coffee...

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It was a mistake for Starbucks to apologize.

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PC bullshit