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Makes perfect sense when you look at it from the perspective of "Ayyo ayyo ayyo! Holup holup! Ima be finna fling dis here rock u unnastan? Ain't gon want no cop be hasslin me fo breakin da law kuz we wuz kangs n sheeit don't need no white devil law fuk u nigga!"

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your jive is spot on

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I'm gonna have a headache for the rest of the night trying from to speak that much ape-mumble.

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You forget the logic that track 1 caused track 2, because black pride > white pride.

It's too big to swallow, I gotta get mines, give a fuck about you.

I also love the protests "I have a right to do what I want" I can sit in a Starbucks and not order anything.
I can jump the turnstyles because its just $2.75 each time and that's more than it should be. How much should it cost? I duno you racist, I've got a right to swing on the subway handlebars that show no hanging. Who make dat sticker, who said they gets to tell mez whats to do? Just cuz I'm blak?

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When you dindu nuthin.

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nigger music

there's your contradiction, right here.

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As a non-American, I always amazed that black calling another black nigga is ok, and used so much in rap.

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Stop trying to make sense of anything a nigger does, its madness and not something normal people do. Just accept that they are low IQ animals and crime machines and leave it at that.

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I've found it funny all these years with the exact contradiction. Some rap artist will release an album talking about equality and fairness. Specifically talking about how the police go after them all the time. Then the next six tracks are about selling rock, pimping hoe's, and shooting niggas. Have they ever wonder why? No they don't cause they don't see any negative in their image towards the younger generation.

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I hate Niggers and cops equally. It's possible to both be breaking the law and the cops to be illegally detaining/searching/treating you. Fuck both of them.

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I hate Niggers and cops equally.

There's our national motto come 2030.

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you must feel so superior hating two groups of people you're probably very le smart

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“Dey jus be speakin da truth of da hood. Dey ain’t supporting it”

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I had hundreds of rap CD’s that I recently threw in the bin.


How did main stream culture become so interracial


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