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I don't think that solipsism is necessarily the case... I think they are fully aware of other beings. They simply regard themselves as higher on the list of importance.

Womens stricter adherence of social norms would indicate it's not really solipsism that is the problem. As just good ol fashioned deeply ingrained selfishness and self love.

Look, and yah its not even children. Female mammals will abandon or even kill and eat there own young if times are bad enough. And as far as nature is concerned that makes sense. If times are that are gunna starve anyways when mom dies. And now that species has one less group of members in it. Fuck that up enough times in a tight spot? Bye, bye species.

Women view themselves as mini gods. Bringers of life itself. And hey in that regard they are correct. As a species ya need way less dudes in a low numbers of population pinch than you do women.

Generally if ya got a woman problem in your society...its not because of "evil" women. It's because men have failed to establish societal boundaries. As long as ya feed em, protect em and fuck em. Women will do whatever the fuck you tell them to do.


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Yup. The problem is the men that reinforce this behavior starting with the father.

I knew a girl that has always been told she was a princess. By parents and friends alike. It was crazy, she actually began believing it and so did those closest to her.