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Funny in a little bit of a removed way. The owner/chef is actually someone who is against factory farms, inhumane slaughter practices etc. He goes out of way to source ethically butchered/harvest/foraged items. He had originally got the activists pissed off by posting a sign that said "Venison is the New Kale"


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That's actually noteworthy; when i was college aged the left was all about local and ethical sourcing. This restaurant would have been a poster-child for how our food should be sourced. Now they're just straight up bullies and Borg drones, and that's all they are, only out to destroy anything less righteous and pure than the pinnacle of perfection they think they are.


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"The left" isn't mostly or even significantly made up of vegans, even though most vegans are probably "The left".


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But the fact that Antler is a small establishment touting ethical meat is exactly why protesters selected it. First, the bigger chains like McDonald’s don’t listen. “I won’t get through to them,” Ugar said. Second, they believe the concept of humane meat is a myth and see Antler as an opportunity to debunk it.