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literally, can't imagine it XD


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remember, folks: @crensch participates in SJW activities against free speakers on voat. manufacturing drama, infiltrating communities, harassing good mods and users off the site, downvoat brigades on free speakers and upvoat brigades for shills. @puttitout lies to the community, has banned hundreds of users without question, let voat deteriorate to a point that it no longer has chat, search, subverse transfer, in-site ads, donations, transparency... but some off-handed quip is what you cum over? get a hold of yourselves. your comments will be deleted here. with soft censorship. you wouldn't even know it if they did it to you. they do it all the time here, now. a year ago? never. they had to fight dozens of outspoken users. now? ha! they own and operate this corporation, the site it operates, they are the mods and the majority of (((content))) creators.

sincerely, sanegoat.

p.s. rotteuxx is a criminal SJW shill, for those of you that don't know. downvoat and move one.

i'm not on sanegoatiswear because it's been severely soft-censored, as now has this account.

so i'll be moving to another. one that isn't censored.

you're not going to like this @puttitout. new voat is coming. we're going to replace your shitty site - with one that has no censorship, doesn't ban users for doing things like upvoting, doesn't support criminal shills like fuzzywords the autist tranny kevdude the queer loving faggot adhdferret the crossdressing inbred retard derkatalog the inbred pooinloo - - ALL sjws here to infiltrate manipulate and destroy.

voat is dying because SJW SHILLS killed it. now comes the final death blow. when your site is replaced by a better one with better management.


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I prefer Glock.