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What Voat has perfected is a filtering system like no other. Should we call each other GOATS and only goats, wacko leftists galore will flood and overwhelm this site, thus ending the last refuge of the truly awake and aware. But in using triggering terms of endearment among ourselves, we anger the real niggers and faggots plus all of their lefty commie friends. This language disgusts them and drives them away better and more accurately than banishment. Brilliant!

The only prior exposure to this concept was while attending lectures V-50 and V-201 at the Free Enterprise Institute back in the 1990's. I developed my own version of this by telling strangers that, "Tonight I only endorse things with which I do not agree".That was good and worked well to confuse lightweights. For those who survived that and dared ask why, I'd say that "it will make it easier fou us to talk about your beliefs and interests". Hahaha! People who would laugh became my friends, but most people started looking for the exits.

We all need a filtering mechanism to chase away lightweights and leftists, as they will waste your time or try to harm you.